What is EmBlood?

EmBlood symbolically means Emergency Blood. It is an Emergency Blood Application that helps save lives via its robust blood donor search technique. Furthermore, Health Tips, Emergency Numbers and First Aid features are its key features.

Searching of emergency has become more convenient with EmBlood Blood Cards that can be shared on Facebook.

In Detail:

How does EmBlood Work?

Emblood has a very simple Interface. In just 3 steps, a user is able to find and communicate with possible fresh blood donors. Donors can be contacted via automated push notifications,  SMS or a phone call.

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  • Step 1: User taps the ‘Blood Search’ feature.
  • Step 2: User fills a quick info form and taps ‘Find’
  • Step 3: User taps the Notify, SMS or Call button/s.

Help in EmBlood‘s Development if you like what it’s been doing.

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