"EmBlood stands for Emergency Blood. It is an Innovation that brings Emergency Blood Donors to Patients during Emergency & Blood Crisis."

Why does EmBlood need Your Support?

EmBlood has been saving several lives in a day since its establishment in 2014. Blood Volunteers and some hospitals have been recommending this application to patients during emergency scenarios. The application is built and maintained till date without gathering funds. However, to continue and expand EmBlood as per its vision to create the Largest Blood Database, Seed Volunteers and Global Nepali SOS Connect, it needs you.

This proposal is our sincere request to you to get involved in the noble cause of extenting EmBlood awareness throughout the world. the awareness to a larger audience, we could be a part of the Noble Cause, together.

As a next milestone, we aim to reach the Global Nepali Population. With SOS Connect features for Nepalese around the world. For the purpose, we need to upgrade the existing application, make it available to iOS users, build marketing and awareness campaigns and engage volunteers. To learn more about how EmBlood has been saving lives, please go through the EmBlood Blog.


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How can you support EmBlood?

Project EmBlood is for social good and is non-commercial. To maintain and scale-up the project to reach more people, it needs your support of all kind.