I didn’t know, it felt so good to save a life.

I am an IT Entrepreneur, a human at the first place. I’m emotionally contented to share my Emblood Story  with you all.

As every other entrepreneur, I don’t have days and nights or specific job hours. Investing most of my time into work has become my preference.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016: It was near to sunset and I was rushing to meet my industry friends after the office closed for the day. My mobile vibrated, I saw it was a call from an unknown number. Someone said ‘Hello Mr. Jay Vaidya?’ with a gloomy voice. He was asking me if I could come to the Teaching hospital as soon as possible. The reason was that one of his belongings was in urgent need of O+ve Blood, for his surgery. I did not feel anything then; rushed to the hospital met the man and donated a pint. I wished the patient all the best, stayed for a while and returned. Way back home was a mixed feeling. I was wishing for the patient to get well and at the same time happy for that I was there to help him get a life.

I was wishing for the patient to get well and at the same time happy for that I was there to help him get a life.

At around 4 PM as they told me, the patient’s belongings were in search of blood since the morning but unable to reach enough donors. Kindly, they heard from somewhere about the EmBlood – Life Saving App and found my details there. Just a week ago, I had install the app in my phone.

I recalled the moment many times at home that night. My eyes were full to see the patient’s miserable condition. I had then rushed to the blood donation room, proud moment. I was thanked so many times but why would I need any of them when I had already felt so human.

Thankful to the dreamer behind Emblood – Manoj Bhattarai. He had share with me his storybehind how the life saving concept developed. They’d been doing things like this at Techroadians Offshore Base since 2009.

There is no greater way to love than give someone a life, Indeed.

EmBlood helps find nearest available blood donors and brings them to the patient with just a few taps. The project is for social good and aims to grow with your support.


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