Emblood, How was it born?

It was back in 2011 I started volunteering. Activism progressively taught me socio-discipline. I learned about how we could live better; conscious, responsible and growing.

Blood volunteering was one among our activities. We used to crowd source blood volunteers via networks and data we maintained.

Later, there was a time that demanded more focus on career. Almost all of us were of same age. We couldn’t just stop receiving calls. We needed some management.

My co-activist, more a close friend – Deepen Shrestha one day talked to me about if we could do something with mobile application and blood. I said that would be possible. We then didn’t discuss on the topic. Days back, I was working late night at my office. It was June of 2014, dark and raining. I had to wrap-up my project anyhow. Then I got a Blood Call – a complicated moment. Happily, a friend was ready to find blood donors over phone. I sustained to work. I was hit by something, I felt it so hard.

Next few days, I gave a thought. What could be the most reliable and easiest technology driven solution to Fresh Blood Crisis? I’ve been incubating at TOB since 2009. Aware of technology, I researched on blood and my ideas. Enabling users to a Mobile App that doesn’t solve their daily needs is tough. Making it simple, that was tougher.

A revolutionary concept had kicked me off. Innovation – that was the management we thought we needed to continue helping people, with sufficient effort in career at the same time. Deepen was extremely happy that we were working. I had no fund, I let it be for future. My team at Techroadians Offshore Base prepared for the project. The project was named EmBlood that’s our symbol for Emergency Blood. We’re investing as much we can to scale up EmBlood. With your Support, we plan to setup The Largest Blood Database that will be shared to help more people on Earth.

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It’s been almost two years now. EmBlood has been saving lives. Blood volunteers and belongings are using the app to help their patients. Some users appreciate us with their story. You can read them on the blog here – EmBlood Stories.

It’s a different feeling that without your notice, you are helping lives every hour. Being able do this smartly has made  my team more Proud & Happy.

I would love to reply to you. :)

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EmBlood helps find nearest available blood donors and brings them to the patient just in a few taps. The project is for social good and aims to grow with your support.


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  • Deepen Shrestha

    What a joy has it been to be a part of EmBlood, the dreams we had are saving peoples life. Thank you for awesome work yar.
    We have a long path ahead of us, lets give our best.