How it felt like To Save A Life!

EmBlood - How it felt like to save a life.Hi, I am Anup Jung Subba Here, I’m sharing a story that touched my heart recently. Like all other EmBlood Stories, this one has a message, enough emotions to confound me and a bunch of motivation.

It was just a regular day at the EmBlood Workplace. I was busy with my stuff. Suddenly,  EmBlood Ambassador Bishal Dahal messaged me about the emergency need A+ve blood at Sahid Gangalal National Heart Center for heart surgery patient and sent me the patient’s contact details.

Immediately, I called patient’s relative and asked for details. They told me that they needed 4 pints A+ve blood till 11 AM of the next day and they were able to manage only half.  Unfortunately, they were from Kalikot – western district of Nepal and did not have relatives in Kathmandu.

First, I suggested them to use EmBlood but they said they don’t know how to use it or understand English. So I assisted them to search Blood using EmBlood. Ya, it happens sometimes that the blood volunteers or we ourselves, need to help people use EmBlood. Hopefully, we’ve education all over, someday.

Among the few registered people nearby,  Mr.Atish Singh was ready to donate blood and I asked patient’s relative to contact him. Later the relative contacted to thank me.

Next morning I was just waking up and there was a ring from an unknown number. I received and he was saying that he needed more blood donors as a donor who had to come in the morning was unable to come. The blood was to be submitted to the Hospital by 11 AM.

I asked him to not worry and started calling new people listed by the EmBlood App.   This time, Nibit Adhikari was ready to help.

We met the patient’s relative Mr.Dhaniram Koirala at the Hospital and at the same time we met with Nischal, a blood volunteer who reached there to donate blood through MRR. There are a lot of volunteers who donate blood to save lives every day. Be it a request in a facebook group like MRR or a random unknown call, helping is something that we brought in our blood.

On the surgery day, Nibit and Nishcal donated blood. Atish and one other guy had already donated blood to make it 4 pints.

When we were about to return back from Hospital, Mr.Dhaniram gave us a departing farewell look and a message with the words of sentiments which made us emotional. A few days later, when I called him and asked about the operation, it was successful and he was very happy! Me too! :)

We wish to take EmBlood to a larger global population and make it more accessible. I’m glad that we’ve volunteers like you. From the core of my heart,  Thank You!

Nibit Adhikari after Blood Donation


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