Thank You EmBlood for a chance to Save a Life

I am Bishal Dahal. I donate blood every three months.

Bishal Dahal Emblood Story
On 26 May 29, 2016 I received a call from an EmBlood Volunteer. There was an urgent need of the B+ve Blood for one of the patients in the Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu. I recalled that I had downloaded the app and registered my details earlier. The volunteer contacted through the App. I successfully donated the blood to the needy patient. It was an amazing Digital Blood Donation experience.

I cannot express my happiness with words.

As a blood donor I’m very thankful to the creators of EmBlood. The idea to use of technology in the form of App to fetch blood donors is very innovative. This makes fresh blood seeking more independent and quick. One can have direct access to nearest available Donors with matching blood type. Simply by downloading the App, we can have access to database of Blood Donors. We save a lot of time by carrying a database in own pocket rather to get stressed out telling someone else to find blood for the patient. EmBlood also provides other information related to health which is very helpful.

Thank you EmBlood for connecting me with the Patient who needs blood.


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EmBlood helps find nearest available blood donors and brings them to patient with just a few taps. The project is for social good and aims to grow with your support.
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  • Really appreciated Bishal Dahal ji.