Celebrate Blood Donor Day with EmBlood 

Be a part of The Largest Blood Database.

EmBlood – Social Good Volunteer Project plans to save more lives on Earth. The Largest Blood Database is a vision of EmBlood.

What is EmBlood? emblood - Blood App

EmBlood symbolically means Emergency Blood. It helps to save patient life during emergency or at time of calamities by quickly finding nearby Blood Donors, in just a few taps. EmBlood has saved a several lives (read how on EmBlood Stories), since 2015 and plans to scale up with your support.

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How can you Contribute to The Largest Blood Database?

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Why Should you Volunteer?

Emblood Visionary - Manoj

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Volunteering is not just helping people in need but helping own-self for someday. You get engaged to people, learn skills, work in team and set goals and meet them. Volunteering generates ethics and confidence from your inside and make you fit to face the world.

Be it your profession or you are hanging out with friends; if you were a volunteer, you are always the one with attention.

Lets together make The Largest Blood Database possible.