You must know these facts about Blood Donation

EmBloodBlood is specialized bodily fluid that circulates in our blood vessel which supplies necessary substances,oxygen and throws away wastage from our cell. It plays a foremost role in protecting our bodies against infection. There is no any substitution for blood. Sometimes one pint of blood means a lot to save somebody’s life. The most overwhelming thing is it’s not only beneficial to the receiver, but a donor too, so donate blood save life and improve your health. Blood Donation has several unexpected benefits, let’s give a glance towards it:

1. Save human lives:

It’s a great thing to save someone’s life at the same time wonderful feeling. Every time you donate blood you are saving 3 or 4 people’s lives. It provides psychological satisfaction to the donor.

2. Favorable for the human heart:

Blood Donation makes your blood flow in a better way. Regular blood donation supports to maintain the iron level in your body which means you are not prone to heart diseases. Though iron is essential for body, but its extreme occurrence in a body causes oxidation of cholesterol.

3. Weight loss:

If you desperately want to maintain your weight, then donating blood can be one of the coolest way.One time blood donation can help you burn 650 calories, which aid on weight loss.

4. Mini health checkup:

When you donate blood you will get the chance of free health checkup. Blood donors are told about their weight, blood pressure as well as their cholesterol levels, which helps you to know about your health issue soon.

5. Replenishing blood:

When you donate blood your blood will be replenished it aid you to stay healthy life and function more effectively.

6. Reduces the risk of cancer:

The excess amount of iron level might be one of the causes for cancer. Donating blood on a regular basis will minimize the iron level in your body, hence decreases the risk of cancer.

7. Longer life:

By donating blood you can make your health better and if you remain healthy, you can make your life span lengthier. Being decent to others is also one way to live longer.
Each day, thousands of accident occurs, but we are not aware of it. Let’s think for a minute, what if you donate blood somewhere, someone might get their family then why not? There is always need for blood and it would be more effective if you get fresh blood nearer to your location anytime you want and now it’s possible since EmBlood is there where you can find fresh blood whenever you need.


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